Call Unto Me in the day of Trouble

“Call unto me in the day of trouble, I will save you and you will praise me”. Psalm 50:15:

God is not man that He should break His promises or lie. As all His promises, this one has also been very true and real to me. Every time I was in trouble or needed deliverance from any problem, I would cry out to Him, call out to Him and ask Him to deliver me and rescue me yet again, as He did it in the past. And Everytime, He would deliver and I would praise His name.

Run to Him dear reader, run to Him whether you are in trouble or in haven; run to Him when you have done good and especially when you feel you are in the worse of worst situation. Our God hears and our God delivers, just call out Him name – JESUS, and He will deliver you and you will praise Him.

Dear Lord, you are good and gracious, you are not man that you should lie and not keep your promises. You O Lord have also kept your word and have always heard the cry of your children, and you have always delivered us from our troubles and from the evil one. To You o Lord be all glory and honour, now and for ever more. Amen!

Why Jesus?

Because He really is all you need.

When you are down and out, He will be your comfort and strength.

When you were still His enemy, He shed every drop of His blood and laid down His life for you.

Because He rose up again on the third day.

Because He cared when no one really cared about you.

Because He was, Has been and still is extremely patient with you.

Because even when He disciplines you, He loves, cares for you, and refines you.

And because if you could only see with His eyes, you will know that He is your true happiness, your source of joy and real peace.

Jesus is all you need and He is enough for you.

I know, because I have been through, and have experienced HIS grace and mercy.